J. D. Salinger, "The Catcher in the Rye"

Here are some questions for you to think about for next time :)

Chapters 7-11

1 “I’m a very rapid packer” (45). – What does this sentence tell us about Holden?

2 “Almost every time somebody gives me a present, it ends up making me sad” (46). – Why is that so?

3 “Then I started shooting the old crap around a little bit” (48). – What does this mean in other words? Which first sentence of a previous chapter does it refer to, and what other paragraphs later in this chapter?

4 What problem does Holden have when he arrives at Penn Station (53, 1st par.)? Why is it typical?

5 “… you wouldn’t believe me if I told you” (55). – What’s funny about that sentence?

6 “Sex is something I just don’t understand” (56). – What would “understanding sex” mean for Holden? Any ideas?

7 What do you know about Hazel Weatherfield (60-61)?

8 “She killed Allie, too. I mean, he liked her, too” (61). – Why is this interesting as far as the narrator is concerned?

9 “What a lady, boy. A queen” (64). – What does Holden mean? What other royal title does this remind one of?

10 “I’m a very good golfer” (69). – How was this useful, as Holden remembers it?

11 “I don’t exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it” (72-73). – Can you paraphrase this in a way that makes sense?

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