Why it is important to learn English

So, we watched this in the geography LK today because our teacher wanted to show this to us and I found this absolutely hilarious! I hope you'll have a good laugh, too.

And I'm sure we all will do better than that tomorrow :)


Jess hat gesagt…

This is great ;)
I'm afraid there might be a lot of Germans who would actually think the same way the guy in the clip does.
But I'm sinking erm thinking we will do fabulous on our test tomorrow, no question...

Iris hat gesagt…

That's really funny!!
I think that the "th-mistake" is kind of a German phenomenon..and I'm sure that the famous new attraction in the radio "English lessons with Lothar" won't help to solve this problem. =)

rip hat gesagt…

Yeah, that's a classic one. Very nice. - But have a look at this, too: Google Goggles. It's about a new Google application for mobile phones: you take a picture of something you want more information about, and Google finds it by just using the picture. What I find hilarious is that one of the two people presenting it calls himself "Hartmut", and he just cannot bring himself to pronouncing a proper 'th' in the whole video. The other guy might be of Indian background, but I'm not sure; his accent isn't so strong.