A few days ago my father got his “GEO” magazine. In there I found this picture of the Blue-footed Booby, which I want to show you, because I didn't know what that bird looks like.

© Eingesandt von: elduderino23735
In fact, I didn't expect the feet that blue.


Iris hat gesagt…

They look sooo funny! I also didn't expect this extreme blue colour, but it suits them very well.:) Sabi already posted a photo of this bird in facebook and I already had to laugh when I saw that.
Do you have more information about the blue-footed booby in the magazine? So are you an expert now, Lara? =)

Jess hat gesagt…

Yes, tell us about it, Lara=)! We are anxious to hear!
I wondered if you could really just pick up a booby as Mr Adams described it?

rip hat gesagt…

Beautiful! I'm a real fan of Blue-footed Booby feet ;-)

My own feet are their own natural colour, and the rest of the body is approaching "natural" again.

The Kakapo, unfortunately, don't look half as spectacular as the Blue-Footed Boobies, as you can see here.

Larissa hat gesagt…

Sorry I can't tell you much about these birds.
Unfortunately the text has only one information, because it's just the “picture of the month”.
It says, if the male's feet are intensivly blue, it has a greater chance with females.