Merry Christmas and a happy new Year to every ELK'ler and Mr Ringeisen!

I hope you all enjoy these few days with your family and friends before the time of work begins!
So, have yourself a merry little, blessed christmas with new books and all the other things you've gotten or will get today!

Get well soon, Mr Ringeisen! Hopefully we all shall meet again soon after the holidays!

Cornelia who is almost on her way to the next christmas party at her grandparents house!


The Lord Bless You And Keep You

One of the popular songs by popular contemporary British composer John Rutter, to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Enjoy your holidays, even though they may be rather full of work, and set aside a few days for recovery.


A few days ago my father got his “GEO” magazine. In there I found this picture of the Blue-footed Booby, which I want to show you, because I didn't know what that bird looks like.

© Eingesandt von: elduderino23735
In fact, I didn't expect the feet that blue.


When shall we meet again?

Before I forget: Thank you very much for your kind gift and for the fabulous adapted rhyming quotation from "Macbeth"! It was really thoughtful of you and I appreciate it a lot.
The book is coming with me, and I'm sure I'll be able to tell you about it soon ;-)

Thanks again, and don't forget your English in the meantime :-)



Christmas Spirit

English test is over, only two more to go (I've got Geography and German left),but finally we will be able to focus on christmas and get some christmas spirit going on ;)


Why it is important to learn English

So, we watched this in the geography LK today because our teacher wanted to show this to us and I found this absolutely hilarious! I hope you'll have a good laugh, too.

And I'm sure we all will do better than that tomorrow :)