Your favourite moment?

Have a look at the following video and decide which is your favourite (and your least favourite) moment.

(via Der Englisch-Blog - highly recommended)


Sabi hat gesagt…

Can we chose more than 1 favorite moment? The video showed quite a few:)

- 00:52 the breaking string reminds me of a friend who insisted on tuning the guitare for his girlfriend but ended up breaking a string. We had a good laugh about that ;)
- 01:00-01:03 look at the reaction of the boys in the background :D
- 01:05 beginning of a new day, who doesn't like that?
- 01:34ff the scene at the beach with the food print disappearing because of the wave
- 02:34 there are no words for this...HAHA, sucks ;P (+ the man stepping into sh*t)
- 02:53 the couple in their raincoats kissing on the busy streets of NYC (I guess?)
- 03:17 rollercoaster + sunset(kind of)!
and last but not least 03:25 the flying baloon

My least favorite...hm, one of the least is definitely the one with the smoking woman but that's because of personal preferences. The grave had a touch of sadness to it but it doesn't make it (one of) the least favorite moment(s). There were some weird moments in it, though. My mom was coincidently in my room when i was watching the clip an when the condom came up...she was like "wth are you watching?!"

Oh, I like the girl on the swing and the baby at the swimming pool, too!

Seems like it's impossible for me to pick out 1 moment because the shots were done really nicely and because of the soothing background music you just don't come around paying attention the every little detail of a moment, especially because the intro was so...thought provoking :)
I have no time to check any spelling mistakes or typos, so just bear with it ;)

Jess hat gesagt…

Looks like Sabi already said most there is to say about the clip. In general, I liked it a lot. And truly there are so many little nice moments that it's hard to pick just one.
There were two or three scenes shown in the hallway of an american high school (kissing couple, and one guy who's late for class) I liked those a lot, because they reminded me on my exchange year.
I also liked the mailbox. Well, who doesn't like to get mail? I think it's a great feeling to receive a letter from someone you care for.
A lot of the other scenes were cute and great as well, like the couple sitting in the red chairs in the middle or NYC. But I suppose we should narrow down that a bit.

My least favorite moment was also the one with the cigarette and the one where the one child pops the other child's ballon.

Good night ;)

Claudia hat gesagt…

Hey girls, hello Mr. Ringeisen!

I can only repeat what Sabi and Jess have already said: It's a great clip and I could watch it again and again! I could also choose more than one favourite moment, but there was one that definitely touched me the most: It's when that young girl opens the roller blind in her dark room and suddenly there's bright daylight! It might sound a bit philosophical, but I instantly thought: "That's life!". Even if you cannot see any light and you feel like being in a tunnel- with a little courage and the will to act, there will be light again.
Sabi, we both have chosen the same "least favourite moment" :) I also disliked the smoking woman! A moment that made me kind of sad was the scene when this young Chinese woman standing in front of a grey wall. Suddenly she starts to cry and sobs so abruptly that it seems as if she couldn't hold back her feelings anymore, after hiding them for a long time.
I like people who are not afraid of showing their emotions!

I hope you all have a great weekend and the theater group had an awesome time in Rothenburg!