This afternoon, I was looking for a certain play by Burton Bumgarner (Personals and Proposals) when I accidentally found this play: Don't say Macbeth


If you are interested, have a look at it. It's just a preview, not much to read (shouldn't take you longer than 2 minutes), and a rather witty and interesting interpretation of the original shakespeare play, respectively a neat way to deal with it . I don't know how it continues, but i like the beginning of it, so I figured some of you might like it, too.

See you tomorrow...


Sabi hat gesagt…

what's blogger doing with all this changes...so confusing :/

anyhoo...'Don't say MAC' seems familiar to me, but I can't put my finger on it :/
It was entertaining :)
"why are you a waitress? - because I was an English major" made me laugh because it is just so true, studying at a university doesn't guarantee you anything ;)

Did you find the other play you were searching for? :D

rip hat gesagt…

What changes are you referring to, Sabi?

BTW, I liked the beginning of that play, too. Maybe we should have a look at it with our drama group ...

Jess hat gesagt…

No Sabi, I didn't end up finding it. At least, not online, I'd had to order it. But what I found out was, that it seems like there's no German translation...=(
And since I liked the beginning of "Don't say Macbeth" I definitely think it's not a bad idea to have a look at it in drama group ;)

Sabi hat gesagt…

Buhu, seems like we won't have a chance to perform anything before we graduate :(

Changes as in the "links zu diesem Beitrag" or something along these lines...isn't that new?

Rumors say we ELK's are going over to the other English course for a total of 2months?! - okay, no rumors but Mr Renner himself :(
30students...some people won't be amused.

@Jess: hey, care to keep the blog alive during Mr Ringeisen's absense? we have to mobilize all forces and stick together haha :)

rip hat gesagt…

Hey, I won't be as absent as all that ..., e.g. if you misspell "absence" I will take note ;-) But I like the part about mobilizing forces and sticking together ;-)

Sabi hat gesagt…

I did it on purpose so that somebody would feel the urge to reply and correct the mistake!
...lalala ;)