This afternoon, I was looking for a certain play by Burton Bumgarner (Personals and Proposals) when I accidentally found this play: Don't say Macbeth


If you are interested, have a look at it. It's just a preview, not much to read (shouldn't take you longer than 2 minutes), and a rather witty and interesting interpretation of the original shakespeare play, respectively a neat way to deal with it . I don't know how it continues, but i like the beginning of it, so I figured some of you might like it, too.

See you tomorrow...


Happy Thanksgiving!

Considering that it is already very late and the majority of the ELKs will probably read this irgendwann am Wochenende (?) this is more a reminder or a side note...

It's Nov 26 2009 which means, today, America celebrates Thanksgiving :)
I didn't even know that till somebody pointed that out haha

So, now you know that Thanksgiving of 2009 was today and now you can brag with your knowledge ;)Interesting to know how people define Thanksgiving ;)

Technology and Environment

Hello everybody,

Here's your homework for Monday:
1. Read the excerpt from "Hard Times" by Charles Dickens (pp. 29-30/Viewfinder Special).
2. Translate the first twenty lines into German (pp. 29-30).
3. Do one of the analysis tasks (p. 31/3 or 4).

Don't forget to bring along your books on Monday.

Have a pleasant weekend all the same.


Your favourite moment?

Have a look at the following video and decide which is your favourite (and your least favourite) moment.

(via Der Englisch-Blog - highly recommended)