International College Day in Munich

Hello fellow course-mates and Mr Ringeisen!

We won't be attending school tomorrow because we will go to Munich for shopping.

Ha, joke! In fact, we are going to the "International College Day" in Munich.

We just wanted to inform you of that in case you should wonder about our whereabouts. Of course, we will tell you about it on Monday if you are interested.

See you then, and have a nice Thursday!

Sabi and Jessi, i.a.


Jess hat gesagt…

Apparently, I'm supposed to comment on this post. Since everything has been said already, I'm just adding, I totally agree!
Well, if Sabi wears new clothes on friday, you know what she's been doing while I was taking notes for her at the college day...;)

Sabi hat gesagt…

Haha, seems like I got busted...you traitor! ;)

The merciless Jess, worthy to be a rebel...huh?

rip hat gesagt…

Of course we're curious about what you will learn when you go out into the world, amid the hurly-burly of modern life ...
I hope you'll be there for drama class on Friday - we've been missing you (both of you!) ...