fair is foul and foul is fair...

good evening L(K)adies and Mr Ringeisen!

Maybe you can remember Mr Ringeisen explaining the meaning of the phrase in the headline to us?!

So this is what I thought when I wanted to search for some more details about the drama today!
You might now wonder why... Well, until yesterday I only could imagine our play when anybody talked about "Macbeth" but our lovely WIKIPEDIA disabused me:

Macbeth is also...
  • a scottish king (as we also should know)
  • an opera from Guiseppe Verdi bades on Shakespeare's play
  • a drama fram Roman Polanski based on Shakespeare's play (as we know from today)
  • one german and one italien metal band
So, that's how Macbeth sounds like...
(maybe it will soon be the soundtrack of a modern drama movie version of Macbeth ... ;)

What do you think about it??

p.s.: Jessy and Sabrina, I hope you had a pleasant day in munich and found the perfect universtiy!!

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Iris hat gesagt…

That's quite funny with the metal bands. They even don't sound that bad, I think. And I wonder if the singers call themselves Macbeth and Lady Macbeth(it would suit well). =)