Looking for inspiration for the coming year?

Being president isn't about politics all the time.
President Barack Obama held an inspiring speech to motivate students to go to school on Tuesday, Sept 8 2009.

You can turn on the caption if you like (if it isn't on already; i'm confused about the word order right now...). Just click on the "CC" in the lower right-hand corner. I'm only at 8:30 so far (senior president was funny at around 1:56 ;) but I've read that there are conservative parents criticizing Obama's speech because it hints to socialism. What a joke.

To me, his speech is nothing more than inspiring and somehow it even makes one look forward to school on Tuesday ;)
Only one more year to go, girls!

Source: The White House

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rip hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for posting this - if you hadn't done it, I would have :-)
A reasonable and inspiring speech ... and incredible reactions from political opponents.