The Sound of Music

Today, Mr. Ringeisen told us that a lot of songs from the movie "The Sound of Music" were sung by famous musicians.
A few months ago I found this very funny clip on youtube. It shows Judi Dench performing "16 going on 17".

16 going on 17


rip hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot, Larissa, for posting this. What a charming version of that song.
I clicked some of the other links at the youtube site, and here are two more alternative versions of "SOM" songs which I really liked:

Do, re, mi
A version with more than 200 dancers in the Central Station of Antwerp, Belgium.

My favorite things
Sung by Joanna Wang

Iris hat gesagt…

I also like the version of "16 going on 17". It's so funny how these "older" actors sing so seriously that they're 17 years old. Judi Denchs' face is so earnest and she plays the role so good that you just have to laugh about it.
"Do, re, mi" with all these dancers looks great. I love such choreographies where a big group does the same moves. I also liked the other clips of such events, like the Michael Jackson-Thriller-thing, Mr. Ringeisen has put on the blog earlier. It's so cool when people just start to sing or dance at a public place.I'm sure, it's fun to take part in such an experiment.
But I don't think, something like that would happen in our little town Amberg. *g*