Iris' words

This is the next part:

unwittingly (adv.) - unfreiwillig, unvorhergesehen
atrocities - Grausamkeiten
(to) scrutinise - etw. genau betrachten/ studieren

from "The Parrot Sketch"(I think..)

plumage -
Federkleid, Gefieder
complaint - Beschwerde
squawk (of birds) - Geschnatter, Gequassel
(to) pine for sth - von etw. träumen, etw. ersehnen

asset -
(to) reassure - beruhigen
(to) inherit - erben

So I hope you remember some of the words=).

Jessy's Voc


I think I start with the words for our next vocabulary test. So here's my list:

"From Riot to Racial Harmony":

1) to ease: erleichtern, beruhigen

2) to raid: eine Razzia machen

3) drugs den: Drogenhöhle

4) allure: Reiz, Verlockung

"When Cultures Clash":

5) stubbern: stur

6) plain: schlicht, reizlos, klar, eben

7) to witness sth: etwas bezeugen, Zeuge einer Sache werden

8) riot police: Bereitschaftspolizei

9) industrious: fleißig

10) to screw up sth: etwas vermasseln



Not all of you got round to looking at all the material that was there on Tuesday.
So here you can read up on what you missed - and maybe have a second look at the rest:

William Shakespeare and His Time [PDF format, 1.8 MB]


Guy Fawkes

Good evening.
When I was a child, I've got the PC-game: "Pink Panther's Passport to Peril".
It's about Pink Panther saving children. So, of course, he is going to England to get the favourite puppet of a boy, who has homesickness.
But this is no normal puppet. It should be Guy Fawkes.
Pink Panther does not know about Guy Fawkes and then the butler of that boy is singing about him, to explain Pink Panther who he was.
I thought I should send you this clip of this singing butler because Mr. Ringeisen was touching this subject today and also it gives you some information in a funny way.

Song about Guy Fawkes.


No more Mary, in Peter, Paul and Mary

Mary Travers, the female star of the folk trio "Peter, Paul and Mary" died last week, aged 72. Many of the group's songs are part of the eternal American hit parade, and once you've heard their particular sound, you probably won't forget it.
There is a rather detailed obituary at the New York Times site, and of course YouTube has a number of songs to offer, among them Peter, Paul and Mary's version of the Bob Dylan Song "Blowin in the wind".

Also recommended:
Puff, the Magic Dragon
Where Have All the Flowers Gone?"


The Sound of Music

Today, Mr. Ringeisen told us that a lot of songs from the movie "The Sound of Music" were sung by famous musicians.
A few months ago I found this very funny clip on youtube. It shows Judi Dench performing "16 going on 17".

16 going on 17


Looking for inspiration for the coming year?

Being president isn't about politics all the time.
President Barack Obama held an inspiring speech to motivate students to go to school on Tuesday, Sept 8 2009.

You can turn on the caption if you like (if it isn't on already; i'm confused about the word order right now...). Just click on the "CC" in the lower right-hand corner. I'm only at 8:30 so far (senior president was funny at around 1:56 ;) but I've read that there are conservative parents criticizing Obama's speech because it hints to socialism. What a joke.

To me, his speech is nothing more than inspiring and somehow it even makes one look forward to school on Tuesday ;)
Only one more year to go, girls!

Source: The White House