Back To School Fashion

If you're worried about what to wear in the middle of September, here's some advice ;-)
(And remember: "advice" never has a plural "-s". Never ever.)


Sabi hat gesagt…

oh no..it's this time of the year again :D
this.kind of.makes.me.want.to.scream.
this back to school fashion (did you notice that the style "casual" changes its name to "back to school" during August/September?) is just so "en vogue" in the US these days(why do people need a tutorial for ...that? btw, the girl is somehow...funny).
the best thing I heard was "hey,I got a new outfit. What do you think about it? Isn't it just so...back to school?!" seriously? perhaps i just hang with the wrong people haha
the only back to school typical things in Germany are books, all kind of pencils, exercise books, etc., I guess the wave hasn't hit Germany yet ;) (will it ever?)

aw, I'm so sorry about my writing this time, I tend to rant when i'm moody ;)
but I guess it's bedtime now! enjoy your vacation, ELKs

PS: now that I think about it...Mr ringeisen, did you just happen to find this clip on youtube or were you actually searching for "back to school fashion" ? :D

rip hat gesagt…

No, I didn't search for a "back to school" clip, much less did I specifically look for "back to school fashion". I just came across it in the blog of a colleague in one of the other Bundesländer where school started this week.
But I found the girl's accent interesting, and the fact that she attached so much importance to the question of what to wear for such a grand occasion - and she obviously is not alone with that problem in that country ;-)

Jess hat gesagt…

haha, i just saw that clip, and it so made my day!
i also wondered about, why especially mr. ringeisen found that clip, but since it got straightened out;) !
Just thought i tell you i'm afraid i actually do know some girls who talk exactly like this, and put so much thought in what to wear.
By the way, the school i attended, had a much stricter dress code, the bermuda shorts and the dress would have been too short.
(they make you go home and change or give you old, ugly, huge sports-clothes to wear (with a "my garment was not appropriate"-print)