Lost Generation

Feeling like being part of a "lost generation"? I hope not, but even if you do, there is hope. Turn everything around (well, maybe not everything, but the things that are going in the wrong direction). ;-)


Sabi hat gesagt…

my first thought was "what did we do to make you even think of the blog and us when you saw 'lost generation'?"

Very interesting that they literally reversed this apocalypse-like thinking...and suddenly future seems so much brighter for everyone.

I wonder where the narrator comes from. Accent-wise, I mean. Her English reminded me of Jessi's...?

die Mary hat gesagt…

Well, I like the second half more than the first. ;)

So, dearest schoolmates: The future is our's! :D (I hope that's right- I like this expression. (: )

die Mary hat gesagt…

Ok, a more serious comment:
I agree that it's important to face the future and it's challenges and potentially problems. Some developings makes me forrow my brows, but all the same - it's the turn and borrow of every generation to form the future and the to-be society. We should do our very best so that we'll live a life without "If I only had known/done etc."-thoughts.

Wow, how philosophic... =)
See you tomorrow