BBC Poetry Season - Sensational new football signing

Let's not forget poetry ... there's so much in it, and it has a magic quality that manages to fascinate people - even in the unusual setting that this videoclip uses. This year's BBC Poetry Season is on, and there are loads of treasures to be discovered.
The text of William Blake's poem can be found here, and while you're at it, it's a must to listen to the song "Jerusalem" (composed by Hubert Parry), which is one of the traditional last songs at the hugely popular last night of the Proms (Promenade Concerts) in London's Royal Albert Hall and other concert halls. With the last round of songs, which includes "Jerusalem", "Land of Hope and Glory" and, finally, "God Save the Queen", the members of the audience join in and sing enthusiastically.
If you are wondering what the text might be supposed to mean, have a look at the respective Wikipedia entry; it's quite well-written and gives you a short interpretation before going into the details.
Thanks a lot, Jochen Lüders, for drawing my attention to this fantastic clip for the first time, and to Markus Brendel for reminding me of it.

P.S.: Just discovered in the comments at Markus Brendel's blog: There is a song by Depeche Mode entitled "Told you so" (lyrics: Martin Gore, 1983), which is obviously based on Blake's poem. You can even listen to a Depeche Mode live performance of 1984. Not my style of music, I must say. But the textual parallels are interesting.

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