Rest in peace Michael Jackson

So I was on my way to the graduation ceremony this morning (it was both fun and sad, right Claudi? :) when the radio DJ suddenly said that Michael Jackson has died.

I thought I should contribute something because I think MJ was a great inspiration for a lot of stars we like today, e.g. Justin Timberlake (okay, I'm only talking for myself here, but I hope you understand ;)

He wasn't called "King of Pop" for nothing and even if there have been scandalous rumours about him (remeber Neverland Ranch?), there's noboy who can deny that Jackson had a huge impact on the music industry regarding both music and dance(Moon-walk, anybody?).

Actually, I wasn't a big fan of him either although I really loved how kids performed his songs on the "Mini Playback Show" when I was little :)
And no...the following clip isn't the Mini Playback Show but MJ's performance of Billie Jean(1983) - those were the good times.

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Iris hat gesagt…

I was also really shocked when I heard of Michael Jackson's death.
The video of "Billy Jean" Sabi posted is quite good. It's fascinating how he can move his feet and of course how he does the moonwalk=).
I think because of his music and dancing he absolutely deserves the title "King of Pop"!