HOME (cinematic trailer)

Have a look at this - it's only two-and-a-half minutes long. And if you like it, you may want to watch the whole movie. "HOME" is a fascinating film about the beauty of our planet - and its imminent destruction if we don't act to protect it.

For the whole 93 minutes, go to this youtube site: HOME, the movie



Jess hat gesagt…

So, i watched the trailer so far, and well, I've got to say it makes you think already. I just hope the movie doesn't depress too much even though I authorize those kind of movies.=)

Sabi hat gesagt…

The trailer is amazing.
One would have never guessed nature did this all by itself - just look at the coral reef (or is it an island?) in shape of a heart. Perhaps I'll take a look at the movie later. The polar bears got me :)