Hugh Laurie: The British accent vs. American accent

Hello fellow classmates,
some of you might know Hugh Laurie from House, MD. (Tue, 09.15pm on RTL).
In case you have ever seen House in English, I have this "fun fact" for you: being a British national he's faking his American accent for House, MD.

He does a great job because for me, it was a great surprise to hear Hugh Laurie speaking with his "normal" accent. It just sounds...not House-like!
But I don't post this video to get you into House...no, of course not.
You learn some entertaining words to widen your horizon.
And with all our text-reading and pronunciation/intonation practice I thought it would be nice to hear native speakers again, at least after the Parrot Sketch.


Jess hat gesagt…

Sabi, I like it! I'm chuffed to bits ;) !

Herr Rau hat gesagt…

I have known and liked Hugh Laurie for nigh on twenty years, and I'm still pleasantly surprised by the fact of his suddenly being an American TV celebrity. So thanks very much for the link.

die Mary hat gesagt…


oh yeah, it's really cool even if I normally don't have so much to do with Hugh Laurie. ;)
I'm still chuffed to bits too.