Hey girls and Mr Ringeisen

Do you remember the word "schadenfreude" in our english lesson today? As you already know, it's a germanism. This one reminded me about the web site:

www. spreadgermanisms.com

There are some more germanisms. It's really interesting to read, because you normally don't think that there are so many in the English language. But I need to say this isn't the best web site, because there are a lot of repetitions of germanisms.
(Another one I read yesterday: "ersatz")

Also, I was looking for the video about Paris Hilton and the interview about the word huge.



Sabi hat gesagt…

Incredible. There are no words for this. But I somehow think the world needs people like Paris Hilton for entertainment...very amusing, haha.
And I think it should be "reminded me".
to remember - sich erinnern
to remind sb of sth - jemanden an etwas erinnern

Yeah, I know, I should come off it :)

rip hat gesagt…

No, Sabi, you should keep it up :-)

Correcting each other is what this blog is for (among many other things). If you find a mistake in my texts, don't hesitate to tell me.