the curious case of benjamin button

Just a quick note!
I figured some of you might be interested in that. Tonight (16.15 and 19.30) runs at Amberg's movie theater The curious case of Benjamin Button in English with German subtitle. I'm planning on going, so maybe I see some of you there!
Have a wonderful day!


die Mary hat gesagt…

Oh, what a bummer (nice expression, isn't it^^).
I wanted to watch this movie too but somehow I'm a little bit misplanned...

Tell me: Was it good - would you advice me to see the DVD??

Jess hat gesagt…

Oh no! If I would have known that!!
I didn't end up going, because I had no one to go with me =( everyone I asked was either studying or didn't think to have the ability to understand the movie - even though there was supposed to be a German subtitle.

How about, we just get the DVD and watch it??

die Mary hat gesagt…

That would be a admirable opportunity. ;))

I'll take you up on that - cool, I'm looking forward to it! A whole English-DVD-evening with (I hope) chocolate, chips and nice people.

Cu =)