One-word essay

After Mr. Ringeisen asked me more than one time to post my TEA-story, I'm finally doing that.

So if you remember, long time ago, we had to( or we were supposed to)
write a one-word essay about tea...I did my best and created this little fantasy narration:


It was just a normal Thursday. Cindy was on her way home from school when she passed a waste bin. Normally, there's nothing special about the corner where a cosy bench is waiting for a tired passer-by, with the waste bin and a tree standing beside it to keep it company.
But on this normal Thursday, as it seemed before, Cindy discovered a very nice wooden box lying on the ground next to the waste bin. She wondered if somebody might have lost it because it looked quite exclusive and not at all like garbage. So the girl decided to pick it up and maybe take it to the lost- property office later.
At home, Cindy went to her room without her mother noticing her. She began to examine her interesting discovery. It was carved very beautifully in a pretty pattern of exotic flowers. At the front, there was a fine gold handwriting saying "Indian Garden Freak Tea".
"Oh, it must be a souvenir from an adventure journey" , Cindy thought. Slowly she opened the lid.
A strange fragrance brushed over her nose. She closed her eyes. It was a smell like foreign herbs, like lavender, roses, jasmine, pepper, vanilla and some other scents Cindy could not name.
Suddenly she heard some birds singing and somewhere behind her there had to be a waterfall. A soft wind played with her hair and still she could smell the scent coming out of the little wooden box she was holding in her hands.
Then she looked up and realized that she wasn't sitting in her room anymore. Instead of her furniture, all around her soft green meadows streched to the horizon. All the plants and flowers and trees in full blossom were swaying in the summer wind. Cindy couldn't understand what had happened and how she was brought to this paradise. On a winding path two girls came towards her. They looked like Indians. In their hands they carried a cup of tea.
"Now I know why it smelled like tea. It seems that I landed in India", Cindy thought.
"Welcome to the Garden- Freak- Area, new girl", the two Indian girls said with a strange melody.
"You arrived at the right time to drink a cup of tea with our society. Follow us".
So Cindy stood up to go with them and to find out some more about this foreign garden.
"Cindy! Are you in there?", a voice shouted.
And suddenly, Cindy couldn't say how it worked, she found herself in her room again, just at the moment when her mother opened the door.
"Your father is home from work. It's lunch time! Are you coming?", she asked.
Cindy shook her head to get a clear mind.
"Sure, Mum, but can I have a cup of tea, please? I thought it's the right time for one", she answered.

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rip hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot, Iris! I'm glad you finally put this online, because I think it's a really good example of what a one-word essay can be: entertaining, well-written, and original.
Good job!