Additional stanza for "Not my best side"

here's another suggestion for the "fourth stanza" of "Not my best side". I know that we talked about it some weeks ago, so I hope you can still remember the poem =)

This idiot on my back is quite heavy,
it's time for him to go on a diet.
God, I hope he's cautious with that big lance.
In any case, I don't even know why
he wants to rescue her,
she's so ugly in that pink dress
as it doesn't match her red hair.
And why can't we just take a little break
instead of fighting that damn dragon?
I believe she looks quite happy with her dragon.
Perhaps Georgie should leave them in peace
and look for a real job.
Dragon Management, what's that?
Technology would be nice and it's better paid, too.
He could even go hunting dragons in virtual worlds
- without getting us in danger!

rip says:
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