Welsh Language broadcast

After talking about Wales in class and listening to an interview with pupils from a Welsh Medium School, maybe you're interested in what it sounds like if people actually speak Welsh coherently (as opposed to pronouncing single, isolated words like I demonstrated ...).
This little video (just under 3 minutes) is a party-political clip by Plaid Cymru, which is (if I got that correctly) a rather strongly nationalist Welsh party, with quite leftist political aims. But that shouldn't bother you - their Welsh is beautiful :-)


CorneliaB. hat gesagt…

hey blogger!

It is absorbing to hear how different this Welsh language is and that it, maybe just to my ears, has merely any similarity with British language. Claudia and me first thought of a ressemblance with Russian and Spanish language...
A mixture of both ... maybe spanssian or russnish!

And before I forget to ask:
1)Do the British understand anything, when they hear someone speaking Welsh?

Thank you and good night
or should I say: ddiolch 'ch a da nos

rip hat gesagt…

I can assure you, no Englishman understands a word of Welsh, unless he's taken a course or taught himself some Welsh.
And remember: The adjectives follow the nouns, so it's "nos da" :-)