Short Story

Hello Mr. Ringeisen, are we supposed to put our task about the short story on the internet (on this page) or to just post them directly to you? (Because you said in a comment that you've already received one but I couldn't find it here) We have to write a summary, a bit about the particular language and stylistic devices, right? Anything else? Hopefully you'll find the time to answer, because Conni and I are a little late with our work ;-)

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rip hat gesagt…

Ahhhh - that was a misunderstanding then. I was referring to the one-word essay that Kate posted here.
Your plot summary plus analysis of the short stories by another author - erm, yes: on the blog, please, as soon as possible. We haven't had even one so far. So ... you're not particularly slow, Claudia and Conny, but you all are ;)