About the horse

Hey Elks!
Just in case you need an alternating programme from all the short stories:
I wrote a little section about St. George's horse.=)

But wait, listen it's me
who cannot be left out.
I'm sure, now that you've realized me
you don't understand how you
could forget ME.
Am I not majestic?
The curve of my neck,
the power of my hindquarters,
the swing of my tail,
my shimmering white
and my splendid armour...
my whole appearance is impressive, isn't it?
So, do you finally learn that
I've got the responsability
for this whole thing.
My power, my speed and my nature..
Isn't it ME who deserves your cheering?
Well, I think I am.

So, this is it and I hope you liked it a little bit.
And don't forget:
copyright by Iris*g*


Sabi hat gesagt…

Haha, that's funny!
The horse and the knight definitely belong together, they are both conceited :-D
Hope you get well soon and see you tomorrow in the Gerhardinger Saal for maths, in case you didn't know :)

rip hat gesagt…

Yes, well done, Iris!
This fourth stanza is a very appropriate creative addition to Fanthorpe's "Not My Best Side".