Jessica's vocab

Good evening,1
so here are my words (I'm glad it worked), I also hope of course that you all don't have too much trouble studying them. But I'm positive!

to coin = prägen
(Audacity of Hope)
observation = Beobachtung
pursuit of happiness = Streben nach Glück
parsimonious = sparsam
(Reshaping the American Dream)
amber = bernsteinfarben
(America the Beautiful)
lush = üppig
to shiver = frösteln
immaculate = unbefleckt, tadellos
smudge = Rauchwolke
(A man who had no eyes)
distraught = verwirrt, bestürzt
(The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen)

oh and I just realized, Sabrina already put the word parsimonious, so I just add an alternate one =). I hope my other words are fine...
to rehearse = etwas (z.B ein Theaterstück) einstudieren, einüben

1I don't know what you did with your original post, Jessica, because suddenly there was only your P.S. about "parsimonious". But luckily the blog software sent me the first part of your entry, so I've inserted it here. -rip-

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