To kill two birds with one stone

Good evening! ...thankfully the title is just a proverb! I think it's much more violent than in german!

So to answer your question Mr Ringeisen, I looked it up in Google...
I think most of the time it's important to know something ,but in this case it's good to know where you have to look it up (: ...

So now I KNOW now that "and now for something completely different.." is the name of a film spin-off from Monty Pythons Flying Circus!

And now to kill the second bird (so violent!), I try to include my first link : Wikipedia on "And now ..."

so, in the end I want to wish all of you merry Christmas and I hope to see you happy and healthy somewhere in the city during holiday or 2009

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rip hat gesagt…

Ahhh! Well done, Cornelia :)
You not only managed to answer the question, but you successfully inserted a link plus you entered some tags (which make it easier to find entries on certain topics).
*And* you used an English proverb in a natural context. Thumbs up!
Well, actually, I meant the second sentence in that Wikipedia entry: "The title was used as a catchphrase in the TV show" - but we won't split hairs over that. So you can look forward to a nice reward in January ;)