The meaning of "tea"

Hey, I'm sorry but it's me again^^
I just had time and I thought
well I could add my tea-story to our blog
so here it is:

After taking his last breath, his heart stopped beating and he closed his eyes. I sat there and in slow motion, I watched the nurses trying to bring my dad back, but I knew he wasn't coming back. I took the key he gave to me before he said goodbye and left the hospital. While walking to my car, I heard my dad's last words over and over again. "This key is for you. It belongs to a locker at the airport. That's the last time we will play this game, so have fun. You'll make your way with or without me, I know." I wasn't sure if I really understood what he meant with his first words or maybe I was just too surprised and I couldn't believe, what he wanted me to do. When I was a little boy, I always played this game with my dad. He gave me a mystery to unravel and some clues. And he left the clues everywhere. Sometimes he would mark a word in his newspaper or he would leave pictureson our desk, which led me in the right direction. "Was that really what he wanted me to do?"I arrived at the airport and my thoughts were still circling in my mind. I searched for locker number 345 and tried to unlock it with my key. I shouldn't have been surprised, when it opened, but I actually was. But what I found left me puzzled. There was a little note inside with just one word written on it. "ti: ". What did that mean? The following days, I was busy searching for the answer. I thought about "tea" as an anagram and searched the Internet for it. I even asked the shop assistant of the tea store, where my dad used to buy his peppermint tea, whether she knew what he could have meant, but she didn't have any idea. The good thing about it was that the search distracted me, so I didn't have to deal with my dad's death. A week later, I lay awake in my bed. It was almost dark outside, but I couldn't sleep. It was then, when it made "click" . I jumped up and ran to my dad's library. As a little kid, I was never allowed to enter it when my father wasn't inside. So it was a very magical moment, when I opened the door. Everything had been left untouched. I stepped in and looked for the row of books starting with "t". He didn't mean any sort of tea, he meant the letter "t". When I found the t-books my heart was beating hard against my chest and my whole body was tense. "What is the last thing he wants me to find?", I thought. I was curious like a little child. And then I found what I was searching for. There was a book with the name "Thomas" written on it. That was my name! I opened it and noticed that it was a photo album documenting my life. And what made it so invaluable for me were the little notes my dad had left under each picture. That was when my eyes filled with tears and all my sadness made my body shake. Somehow, my wife was suddenly by my side and hugged me. "He'll always hold a special place in your heart", she said, and I knew she was right.

I hope you enjoyed reading it and you liked the story :)
I'm looking forward to your stories!
CU tomorrow

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