hey LK-ladies and sir ringeisen (:

Between all of those vocabulary-lists I just wanted to comment about having a native speaker in our lessons currently!
In my opinion it is great to have her here... even if we don't know her name yet she seems to be very nice (:
Hearing something about the other side of the world and getting to know her is cool! Maybe you can also agree with me that it is always interesting to see what foreigners think about germans and the way we live and behave!

..if I might forget: we should ask her about advent and christmas traditions in New Zealand!!

Good evening,
Conni (:


Sabi hat gesagt…

Uhm...her name is Ilse ;-)
At least I read that on her exercise book...hehe. I wonder about the pronunciation, though.
She mentioned her name at the very beginning of class, but then again it was just loud enough for Mr Ringeisen to understand, I think^^

Sabi hat gesagt…

Oh, before I forget:
Must be interesting to be called "Sir" all of a sudden, I suppose? :)

rip hat gesagt…

I'm called "Sir" at the beginning of every lesson in my class 6 (Good morning, Sir).
It has become customary after I introduced it, and it's just what English pupils say when a lesson starts (or so I have heard).