Course vocab - final list

Thank you very much everybody for contributing to this list. There have been a few double entries, so I had to choose a couple of words myself, but most of them are the vocabulary of your choice. - So, enjoy revising them. And that's *not* ironical. It really is a pleasure to realize how one's vocabulary is steadily growing, and how much better you are prepared to express what you really mean.
That's the whole point of this list plus test: Help you remember. Make you aware of choices.
Well - here you are:

Course Vocab: Words Worth Learning (Sept. - Dec. 2008)

Have a happy new year! :-)



Sabi hat gesagt…

Hehe, thanks a lot for the vocab list *this is not meant ironically either* ;)
150 words...aaaah, my brain :O)

Wish you all a Happy New Year!
See you next year, happy and healthy as ever!

Sabi hat gesagt…

uhm...it's me - again.
I just wanted to ask when we are supposed to post our short stories...

rip hat gesagt…

@Sabi: I'm happy about all the short stories - whenever you find time to post them. We've already got one, but I'm looking forward to some more.

Happy New Year! :)