Obama's Victory Speech

If you haven't seen it yet, this New York Times page offers a particularly easy way to follow Barack Obama's victory speech: Next to the video window, there is the text of the speech, and it automatically scrolls along as the speech proceeds. Above these two windows there is a timeline which shows where in the speech you are and what the topic of each passage is. Have a look:

Barack Obama's victory speech

The whole speech is somewhat over a quarter of an hour. I think it's worth listening to.

P.S.: And if you've got another ten minutes, listen to John McCain's concession speech (i.e., the speech where he admits defeat).


Sabi hat gesagt…

I'm glad Obama won the election and his speech was quite touching :)
Hehe, I liked the puppy part...
But McCain's concession speech wasn't that bad either! The Republican audience annoyed me, though. Their reaction at the beginning of the video is just poor...but McCain himself seems like a fair looser...uhm...loser ;)

Not only that reaction annoyed me...I was actually shocked that people didn't care about hiding racist comments. I mean, I did hear about things like "they don't call the 'White House' white for nothing" or "I vote for McCain because I don't like niggers" but actually HEARING people saying those things and seriously meaning them, I was like 'what the...?!'
Then again...perhaps my world is just too naive...
Despite that, a big fat "Haha" to those people, there goes Barack :)
Gobama! (sorry, probably I'm just a bit hyper...;)

rip hat gesagt…

Your reactions were very similar to mine :)

BTW here is a very short video clip about the 106-year-old woman Obama mentions in his speech:
http://snurl.com/ancooper (BBC)

die Mary hat gesagt…

I must admit: I just watched Obama's speech - but I am glad that he and not McCain is the next president (on Tuesday night I watched shortly the evaluation - and was shocked because McCain seemed to win...)

Ok, now to the speech:
Wow, it is really, really impressing.
For every rhetoricfan this 20 min are like 20 min in paradise.

Obama know how to touch people (his words gave me the creeps) -
The glance of their eyes, the smiles on their faces... (Have you recognized that predominantly women were shown?! =))
--> a very noteable achievement.

By the way: I think I have an idea about the next 1.SA-Leistungskurs' text^^ (hope that's correct).