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If you are planning a presentation, you should have a look at this:

Death by PowerPoint
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Pins, mugs, stickers and T-shirts

There are some pretty funny things you can get to express your views, e.g.
- pin "Don't worry people, it can stay white on the outside"
- mug "Lincoln - Kennedy - Obama. Yes, we did!"
- Latin yard sign "Baracus Obama: Vir Virtutis"
- sticker "Hockey Mama For Obama"
- T-shirt "Bark Obama (dog's best friend)"

Have you ever put on a pin or a T-shirt with a message you care about? Why - why not?

American Stories, American Solutions

That's the title of the most expensive TV ad ever made: almost half an hour about Obama and what he promised to do if elected.
It is not only an interesting detail of American politics (and how money is important in election campaigns), but it is also a fascinating little movie about America's problems.
While you're watching it, turn your attention to how music is used for atmosphere, what the director did to underline Obama's authority, what topics are treated.


Black Butler in the White House

I liked this report in the Washington Post, which traces the biography of Eugene Allen, who served as a butler in the White House for 34 years:

A Butler Well Served by This Election

Here's a short excerpt:
He saw eight presidential administrations come and go, often working six days a week. "I never missed a day of work," Allen says.

His is a story from the back pages of history. A figure in the tiniest of print. The man in the kitchen.

He was there while America's racial history was being remade: Brown v. Board of Education, the Little Rock school crisis, the 1963 March on Washington, the cities burning, the civil rights bills, the assassinations.

When he started at the White House in 1952, he couldn't even use the public restrooms when he ventured back to his native Virginia. "We had never had anything," Allen, 89, recalls of black America at the time. "I was always hoping things would get better."

In its long history, the White House -- just note the name -- has had a complex and vexing relationship with black Americans.

Don't forget to click on "Next" at the bottom ... the article has five pages.


Obama's Victory Speech

If you haven't seen it yet, this New York Times page offers a particularly easy way to follow Barack Obama's victory speech: Next to the video window, there is the text of the speech, and it automatically scrolls along as the speech proceeds. Above these two windows there is a timeline which shows where in the speech you are and what the topic of each passage is. Have a look:

Barack Obama's victory speech

The whole speech is somewhat over a quarter of an hour. I think it's worth listening to.

P.S.: And if you've got another ten minutes, listen to John McCain's concession speech (i.e., the speech where he admits defeat).