Rachel Maddow has a story for you

Find out about the "Bradley Effect" and "Godwin's Law" in this excerpt from "The Rachel Maddow Show".
Rachel Maddow is a 35-year-old journalist who has achieved a media sensation; as new anchorwoman at MSNBC she "has doubled the audience for a cable news channel’s 9 p.m. hour in a matter of days". What's also remarkable is that she doesn't own a television set herself. However, she is now planning to buy one, "primarily so that her companion can watch her program" (source).


Claudia hat gesagt…

Although I had to look up the definitions of the "Bradley Effect" and the "Godwin's Law" again on another website (to make sure that I got everything right), I found this "article" very interesting! I was quite surprised that you can actually prove the appearance of these effects in online discussions(by showing parts of interviews). In my opinion, articles like this make it even more obvious that American debates on TV are more mud-wrestlings than informative presentations.


PS: I like Rachel Maddox :)

rip hat gesagt…

I'm glad you like her :)
Thanks for your comment, firstly, very generally. And secondly, because you drew my attention to a mistake I made. I also used a definite article in front of "Godwin's Law" ... probably I had originally planned to write something else and then forgot to delete it. Anyway, I've deleted it now; unfortunately it's impossible to edit comments.
But never mind, now we all know that the article shouldn't be there.