Al Smith Dinner speeches

Here are the videos I mentioned today. The web site of the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation tells you about what it does for the poor and needy in the archdiocese of New York. The annual memorial dinner (this year on 16th Oct.) serves the purpose of raising funds (i.e., collecting money) for the good cause, and one of the reasons why people pay a handsome sum to go there is the fact that famous people are invited to come and hold a speech. In the words of the Foundation web site:
"luminous guest speakers [step] from the world stage to honor and entertain Annual Dinner audiences with their light humor and political savvy".

YouTube - McCain at the Al Smith Dinner

YouTube - Obama at the Al Smith Dinner

Two useful articles on this in the New York Times:
- Dick Cavett: "Anger Mismanagement"
- Brian Stelter: "Finding the Humor in the Election, Each Other and Themselves"


die Mary hat gesagt…

I watched both videos and I have to say: it's a really nice idea. Because of those moments politics and politicians come closer to the population and I'm sure: In the USA less people don't go and vote than here in Germany many men and women do.
It would be great if something like that excists here too. Angie as a comedian. :D

rip hat gesagt…

Thanks for your comment, Maria - you were the first course member to succeed in participating, you're our pioneer!