All about...

... Los Angeles =)
On this page you can find a lot of tourist information.
For example you can look at important museums or monuments... or you can even inform you about the nightlife of L.A =D


And you can also watch at the live cam !


This is a link from Claudia, who forgot her password:-):

It`s a map that shows tourists where they can have fun:

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Here are two links to the Hollywood Walk of Fame:
Information and nice photos:

Universal Studios Hollywood (LA)

This is the link to an article about the Universal Studios Hollywood and to a very impressive picture of the Studios.


Los Angeles links

These are the two important museums in L.A.:

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Museum of Contemporary Art

Here's an interesting article on the
"L.A. Smart Growth Model" at the Sprawl City site.

Pictures you chose as important or representative of L.A., sites you would like to visit as tourists:

- Hollywood Walk of Fame (Melissa)

- "Theme Building" at L.A. International Airport (Steffi)

- L.A. Zoo (Miriam/Judith)

- The Rodeo Drive (Carolin)

- L.A. "Angels Walk" (Kerstin)

- The Kodak Theater (Anna Ke./Birgit)

- Universal Studios Amusement Park (Katrin)