Good books?

Hey everybody. Does anybody know good english books I could read besides the ones that were presented? I´d be very happy if you could tell me a little what the storie´s about.
Thank´s very much already!

Have a nice day



Birgit hat gesagt…
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Birgit hat gesagt…

Hey Melissa
Are you only interessted in books or do you like plays too? A very funny play is "The importance of being earnest" by Oscar Wilde. It`s a comedy about a mistake in name and of course about love, but I can`t tell you very much about it, because then it isn`t funny for you any more.
I haven`t read the play myself, but I watched the movie. I also could give you DVD if you want, it is really worth seeing.

Ninalein hat gesagt…

Hi Melissa,
a book I liked very much is "End in Tears" by Ruth Rendell. It's a murder mystery with Chief Inspector Wexford: a young woman is found dead a few metres next to her house. The investigations reveal that she "works" as a surrogate mother. So the Inspector covers up a black market where you can buy babies..... terrible story, but very interesting and unsettling.
Of course I can lend you the book!

Birgit hat gesagt…

Ähm, does anybody have "the importance of being earnest"? because I`d like to read it and I thought I bought in on Amazon, but I bought just secondary literature about this book by accident... So if somebody has it, can she lend it me?