First of all: it's me, Elke. Somehow my blog doesn't work so I post my entry with the help of Biggi.

Since our English test is about religion, we talked about this topic last Monday.
At first we looked at a caricature, where you can see a sailor who saws into the wall of a ship in order to rebuild it with a new board, which represents theories, made in Germany. But while he is sawing, the ship starts to drown because water - which symbolizes unbelief - runs into the ship.
This caricature tries to show that you can't change a belief with some new theories.
Afterwards we read an excerpt of "Inherit the Wind". It's about the conflict between those who take the bible literally and those who interpret it in a modern way.
According to a real occurrence in a trial in Tennessee in 1925, the authors Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee wrote a dialog between a man called Drummond, who is an enemy of fundamentalism, and a man named Brady, who is a defender of the bible. Like the real occurrence this dialog happens in a court. At first Brady wins the audience and the laughter over to his side, because he is very quick-witted and able to response in a funny way.
However Brady doesn't go into Drummond's questions and soon he isn't anymore able to give answers at all. Since Brady can't really defend himself against Drummond's arguments, also the audience is after a while not any longer on Brady's side.
After reading this text we talked about a commercial, which shows a monkey with a bottle in its hand. This commercial plays with Darwin's theories of evolution and that was supposed to be funny - but not everybody (I would even say nobody) has got the same humour like the guy who made this commercial.
At last we talked about two more caricatures.
The first shows a professor who forces his student to exchange her faith for a science, which is falsely called 'science'. This act is compared to a robbery.
In the second caricature you can see a professor as a captain of a ship called 'popular education'. He tells a sailor to heave the ballast overboard, whereupon the sailor throws the bible into the water. Because of the god-denying theories of evolution the ship heads for the rock of infidelity, where it will smash.

We'll see us tomorrow! Bye, blog-less Elke

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