All this church is a stage !? (2007-04-17)

Hello everybody!
Now it` s my turn to write something about our lesson today.
In the beginning Miriam presented her myth:
“Persons” is an acceptable plural instead of people.
She told us that the normal plural of ‘person’ in conversation is ‘people’ and that ‘persons’ is normally found only on formal written notices.

Then we got a text of “The Christian Science Monitor”-website in order to practice translation. It’ s an article from April 9th named “All this church is a stage” written by Stacey Chase. This title alludes to the quote of Shakespeare’s Macbeth “All the world is a stage”.

First we looked at the photo on top of the first page and translated its caption. With Mr. Ringeisen explaining the unknown words we went on translating sentence by sentence. We also got the homework to translate the next few sentences.
What do you think about this article? Is it right to use church as a kind of stage?

I think this idea of making life more happen in church is good, but I don’ t know whether that goes over the top. Shouldn’t church be a space of reflection?

Would be nice to know your opinions about that! See you soon! (=

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