Young boy trapped in chimney!

Last week a young boy was trapped in a doctors chimney! This evil man installed a grid at the bottom of his chimney, because his house had been broken in for several times. But why on the bottom? Nobody knows the exact reason! Mr Chapman, the doctor, said in court that he didn´t want the birds to sit on it and that´s why. What was this person thinking? Couldn´t he know that if somebody gets into the chimney he wouldn´t be able to get back out? Court tried to answer all of these questions for the worried mom. The judge decided after hearing the whitnesses that Mr Chapman was guilty. The young boy was trapped in the chimney for 2 weeks and after he was found he was in a very critical state.
I would like to invite you to talk to me about this case here.
This was a report from Judith!Thanks for reading this newspaper!

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Anna:) hat gesagt…

I also don't really know why Mr Chapman wanted the grid to be installed at the bottom of the chimney. Because I remember that Mr Hopkins ( I don't really know if the man's name who had to install the grid is Mr Hopkins) wanted the grid install at the top because in his opinion it was too dangerous if it would be installed at the bottom... So, in this case I think the doctor is guilty. But I also think that he didn't think about the consequences that much because all he wanted was to protect his house...So, I don't want to be responsible about Mr Chapmans Judgement.