Visit the Amish! (2007-03-19)

Unfortunatly, I came about 20 minutes after lesson started into the class, because we wrote a religion test.
First, we talked about the text "An Entirely Different Way of Life: The Amish" which is in the Viewfinder Special on page 256. The lifestyle of the Amish is really different to our modern life. I couldn't live the way they do, because there are so many things I would miss like television, cars, ... These people must have a strong will to adhere strictly to the bible. We answered the questions on the text and came across the question if we could live without a television set. Julia said that her familiy often travels to Sweden, where they havn't got television- she thinks it's relaxing. What do you think, can you live for about two weeks without television? Would you like to be an Amish?
At the end of the lesson, we finished the role play which we had started on Thursday. Unfortunatly the Queen's Cancel was ill (Steffi), but luckily Mr. Ringeisen took this part of the play. We heard various witnesses who were for and against Mr. Chapman. The whole play was really funny, particularly Mr. Chapman's (Biggi) justification, why he installed the grip at the bottom of the chimney: "the birds could verstopfen his chimney". :-)
At the end, the adjudgement for Mr. Chapman were two weeks of charities work.
Mr. Ringeisen told us that we would repeat this play after our "Schulaufgabe" and that we then would get marks on it.
Before the lesson endet, we got a quiz about the US history.
On Thursday we need our Viewfinder Special. Homework until next monday is the text "The Joys and Oys of Judaism" on page 262. We also have to answer questions on this text.
So, have a nice evening!
Bye, yours Kerstin

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