Thursday's lesson ( 2007- 03 - 01 )

Hello everybody!

I want to give you the chance to have a look back at our English lesson on March 1st.

First Mr. Ringeisen helped us to correct our "Schulaufgabe" correctly =). He talked to each
one of us and point our mistakes out to us. I think this was a good idea and it helped us to understand better what we do wrong, and so it'll stay longer in our mind.
In the second part of our English lesson we read an excerpt from a novel called 'The Old Man an Mr. Smith' by Peter Ustinov, which is in our 'British Humour' book.
The story's about an old man representing God and Mr. Smith representing the devil. It starts with the description of the church, where they are sitting in a church service, and its visitors. The description, for example when Ustinov give us infos about a woman with a keyboard of large teeth, is very funny. Also the speech of the reverend and the comments in brackets make me smile. The story ends, when the old man is recognized as God.
I liked the story very much, because it's not such a serious one.
At the end of the lesson we looked at a cartoon in which you can see a reverend, who preach infront of a lot of visitors. The sentence under this cartoon says: "On account of the widespread floods we wil omit the verse about soft refreshing rain."
I liked this cartoon, too. There you can see that you don't have to live on the severe rules of the church, like over one hundred years ago, and that you sometimes can take life easy!

And now I wish you a great remaining day


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