myths: too much waste of time?

Hello everbody.
Because the 13.03.2007 was a Tuesday, it was time for our myth presentation. Well not for ours but for Anna`s instead. She told about the expressions "at first", "firstly", "at last" and "lastly".
"Lastly" and "firstly" are used when you want to list something for example ideas, arguments,etc. .
You have to use "at first" for demonstrating your first idea or impression which is canged or found to be wrong later.
"At last" indicates that something finally happens after waiting.

Then our course discussed about the weather what wasn`t so efficient, because the sun was shining.
So Mr Ringeisen advert to the blog and that we should make comments or entries more often.
The course didn`t seem to be enthusiastic, but we can write our complaints in the feedback, which we are able to download.
And so the Tuesday lesson ends with an advice of Mr Ringeisen to look into the blog!

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