"Take a Pew" by Alan Benett

My sensible headline: "Take a Pew" by Alan Benett - we still need to get used to British humour....it needs getting used to

At the beginning we had the great pleasure to be entertained by the acting of some students, they presented humorous parodies of advertisement. By the way, Mr. Ringeisen also pointed out, that there will be a theatre play "(D)oloroso" on 22th and 24th of march at half past seven in the evening.
I hope you also remember that we took a look at the "sermon" "Take a Pew" by Alan Benett, who`s a quite famouse and popular british actor and director.
The text starts with a quotation of the bible, which, as we noticed, made absolutly no sense, the same quote is also used at the ending of this " sermon".
But also the use of slang expressions next to rather standard expressions is mentionable, such as "hurly burly of modern life" next to " stuff this for a lark" . Additionally, it`s striking, that the author often uses quotations and gives them in his sermon an absolutly new sense, like e.g. " Where do you think you`re going?" the sermoniser was asked that question by an employee of the railway company. In his sermon he uses the same question in a more philosophic way, he asks his audience the same, but he wants to allude to what they want to reach in their lifes.
Not only that he`s giving his quotations and absolutly new sense, he`s also quoting wrong, he states to adduce W.E. Hinley an English poet, but in truth he`s citing "Alumnus Football".
That`s what we did last thursday. We also got some homework for next thursday, in fact to prepare an advertisement or weather forecast play. By the way, the lesson ended already at 13:30 o`clock.

P.S.: If you are interested in Alan Benett you can look at http://www.museum.tv/archives/etv/B/htmlB/bennettalan/bennettalan.htm

here you can find some information about his life and career

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