Headline Hysteria ...?

Hello everybody,
I actually meant to mention this in class today, but I forgot again. So ... maybe my headline has already given you an idea what this post is about?

What I wanted to hint at is that quite a lot of recent lesson summary titles were a bit - hmmm, shall we say: uninspired? Of course it's a good principle to have the date of the lesson in question somewhere in your post, but as a headline it's neither very informative nor does it really arouse anybody's curiosity, I'm afraid.

Let me give you a few examples. It doesn't always have to be an alliteration, but just try to make it witty and in some way connected with what we did:

  • Janina, you could have called your contribution "No more overcoat weather, please".

  • Steffi, how about "Christians in Colorado" - or even just the title of Winthrop's sermon, which is memorable enough ("A City Upon a Hill").

  • Alex: "The Old Man and His Pupils" ;-)) or maybe "Soft refreshing humour" or ...?

  • Miriam, maybe: "Not an expression for lawyers"

  • Anna: "Blessed by the Bell" (this is not terribly logical, of course, but it does make sense, in a way)

And so on and on and on.

So could the next summary (and those after it) have a clever, funny, intelligent, philosophically challenging headline, please? Thanks :-)

And another thing: After a tentative start, the good practice of writing comments about your colleagues' posts has dropped to ... zero. Could we have some comments, please? And don't leave it all to Melissa and Angelika ;-)


Alöööx hat gesagt…

Yes, you’re right. I didn’t think of this alternative. But there was too much peer pressure so I couldn’t write another title =)
In addition to that, my parents brought me up to be a good girl and not to insult you with a sentence like “The Old Man and His Pupils”. It has got a double meaning ^^

rip hat gesagt…

@Alex: Oh, right - I hadn't thought of the peer pressure problem ;-))
But we can forget about pp now, because I'm forcing you to have creative and fancy headlines, O.K.?
And about the other aspect you mentioned ... hmm, first, your parents seem to have done a good job in their good-girl education ;-) And, second, my suggested headline has so much double meaning that it's almost "single" again ;-))