English lesson 2007-03-05 or "A city upon a hill"

Hello everybody.
At first, we talked about a few expressions that some of use have used in their test. Mr Ringeisen has looked up the various possibilities to translate the word "poorness". Its main use is "poor quality", but in some cases it can also mean "poverty". We also know now that "to profit" can be followed either by the preposition "from" or by "by". Then, the students who haven't had discussed their test in one of the last lessons, talked about them with Mr Ringeisen. Like Alex, I think that it's really a good thing to have the possibility to talk about the mistakes in greater detail. After the break, we tried to answer the questions of the text "A City upon a Hill". I won't write down the answers in this entry because we got a sheet with possible solutions.

We also had a look at the diagrams and statistics on page 255 of our Viewfinder Speacial. We thought that it's surprising that Nevada and Colorado have less than 40% religious Adherents. On the other hand, Utah, North Dakota, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama have more than 70%. So, you can see that there are great varieties concerning religious aspects in America. We also didn't expect the Jewish to be only 1.8%. The analysis of the number of radio and TV stations carrying Christian broadcasting full or part-time has increased enormously. Compared to 1983, it was twice the number in 1993.

As homework for monday, we have to read the text "An Entirely Different Way of Life: The Amish" on page 256 and 257. After having read the text, we have to choose three questions of the comprehension or analysis part and we have to write about them.

CYA tomorrow.

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