Tuesday`s lesson (2007-02-27)

Hello everybody, this is Miriam, not Birgit. I didn`t manage making an account for myself and now don`t think "Women and technique"
In the first part of the lesson Steffi presented a new myth to us. She explained that the terms "Not a techer" and "no teacher" express different things. When you say "Mr. Smith is not a teacher" everyone concludes Mr. Smith has got another job. He`s for example a doctor. When you say "Mr. Smith is no teacher" you express either that Mr. Smith has the wrong job or that usually does another job.
I have never recognized if I wrote "not a" or just "no", but I think I´ll try to remember what Steffi told us about these two terms when I use them the next time.
In the second part of the lesson Mr. Ringeisen hand us a paper sheet and we talked about it. It was quite funny to see how different one action can be expressed by 13 people in different situations.
When a friend tells you something he or she uses short sentences and ellipsis which you also use for diary entrys. In a popular newspaper report you get a additional information. A layer and a psychiatrist would use special terms. If you read about the action in a statistic or novel you can see varible stilistics.
It depends on who you`re talking to or if the author writes for a newspaper or writes a novel.
This is my report about the lesson on Tuesday and I just want you to remember to bring your British Humour Book and your paper sheet with your corrected version of your Schulaufgabe, and, of course, your Schulaufgabe to our next English lesson.

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Melissa hat gesagt…

Thanks for reminding me of the British Humour Book.I would have forgotten it again!