Monday's lesson

Hi everybody,
now I've already matched it to write into the 'blogger'. But I have to say it was very difficult to install the google account. Well and I have to say it's not always easy to be a woman =)) either (a little joke).
In Monday's lesson we got our essays back, what was very pleasant for me =)). After that we made a little exercise for our novel presentation. For that we had to choose a book, which cover looked good for us. Then we had some time to think about the author, the title, the plot and the cover. Then we presented our results and at the end Mr. Ringeisen asked the groups, if we would read the book. I think this was a good training for us =))).

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lemony snicket hat gesagt…

Hi Claudia!
Unfortunatly, I was ill on that monday. So I'm actually very glad you write something about those two lessons. I really pitty that I missed your exercise in presenting a novel. Maybe you could name a few of the books you talked about, so I could look them up in the internet or even in the library. Some impressions or opinions about the novels wouldn't be too bad either. ;-)