Monday's lesson (2007-02-26) or "Blessed by the Bell"

Hello everybody!
In our first of today's two english lessons some of us discussed with Mr.Ringeisen the test we had to correct during the holidays. While one student was talking to him the others could talk about their weekend. In the second lesson Mr.Ringeisen wanted to start with the topic "Religion in the U.S.A" but of course, although it was Monday, our "Viewfinder special lesson" almost everybody has forgotten the book. So we were shown a picture which is a poster with a big bell on it.After that we talked about the lines which stand over the bell and under it. "God Blest America" on the top of the poster and the other statement was "How blessed are the people whose God is Lord". Especially the second one is supposed to show the relation between God and the American people and that there's a connection.
At the end we read the beginning of the text "A City upon a Hill" in our Viewfinder. The title of this sermon refers to the Bible in which God had chosen Israel. After a short discussion how one would feel if one would life in a city upon a hill(one would feel very special and proud but also a little bit isolated) the lesson was over. So, don't forget your homework to read the whole text on page 252!
Have a nice afternoon, Anna:)

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Melissa hat gesagt…

Very good entry!I´m fascinated about all the things you could remember.All the little details about our discussion,how it would be to live in a city on a hill were in it.Some of us even really live on a hill and know how it feels(AMBERG :-) )