Tuesday`s lesson (2007-02-13)

Hello everybody
Well, it`s my turn to write something about Tuesdays lesson. We started by presenting a myth, Anna told us that the `d in I´d stands for had, and not for should or would, like many people think. You also should know that not comes after better, for example You`d better not behave like that again!
We continued with presenting two more books, Carolin and Katrin told us something about "Garden of beasts" (I think it was called like this), which is about a explorer who comes to Nazi Germany.... The other book, presented by Anna and Alex, was called negotiator. After overcoming the obstacle of pronounceing "negotiator" they also presented it very good. (I´m sorry I can`t remember what it was about, but on it`s cover was a spider)
Then Mr. Ringeisen told us something about inversion, we use an inversion for example in questions (Where was it made) or exclamations (Aren`t we clever girls!)... It`s all on your handout.
We finished by learning something about an except from british homour from Peter Ustinov "The old man and Mr. Smith" (p.86), which is about Satan and God meeting on earth. They want to find out if they`re still relevant in this world. On their journey they also land in the middle of an television evangelist`s (which are also called televanglist) show... And that`s where we`ll continue next week. So don`t forget your British Humour Book.

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