fishy stories, "ozymandias" and "the fall of Icarus"

Hi guys!

I’m so sorry I haven't managed to write into the blog earlier. But, hey, better late than never, right ;-)?

So let's see...what can I say about the English lessons on Monday (2007/02/05)?
Well, first we had some very fishy stories beginning with a very heart touching hitchhiker adventure which ended in a friendship for life (July)...very nice...erm...then a story about taking a bath with your sister after getting "down and dirty" in the mud ;-)...("hello?! It's my sister!!!" – Claudia ). Not to forget Birgit’s sportive bet, which she fortunately won and Elke's very exciting and impressing braveness in catching a thief in the middle of the night and of course Melissa's very fast car, her lack of technical knowledge and Judith letting her wait for hours in the cold in order to talk with a very handsome boy in front of the supermarket (What kind of friend are you?!? Shame on you Judith ;-) !!!).

But I think we did a pretty good job on these fishy stories considering we haven’t done that too often yet, in fact never. It sounds pretty easy but if you're not used to describing pictures and inventing “silly” stories in a short period of time it IS hard. Additionally, one is under pressure, which makes it double difficult to make a story up and keep talking about it for two and a half minutes.

After that we continued talking about "Ozymandias" by P.B. Shelley, which is a nice poem but hard to understand if you don't take your time to analyse it. Especially the syntax made it quite hard to understand. So it really would better to translate the poem…which we actually did ;-).

Last but not least we looked at the painting “landscape with the fall of Icarus” by Brueghel, which …erm…well…shows the fall of Icarus after flying too close to the sun. To be more precise, it shows Icarus drowning in the sea and nobody on the painting seems to care or even to notice, which is kind of weird in my opinion, don’t you think so? Why the hell does no one realize or do something against it? And isn’t it also quite strange of the artist to draw that kind of situation? Well, as usually I didn’t get the meaning. What is it supposed to say? Never fly to close to the sun if you’re wearing wax-wings??? What do you think?

I’m very curious about your thoughts. So don’t you dare leave this blog-entry “comment-less” ;-) !




Melissa hat gesagt…

I really enjoyed reading your entry.Especially the fishy stories from that lesson were quite funny. I didn´t know that we were so good in telling silly stories.

rip hat gesagt…

I also enjoyed your entry. It's a pity there aren't more comments (this goes for the other entries, too).
@Melissa: It's very often in such situations where you're "forced" to do something that you find out about hitherto undiscovered talents. ;-)